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Ministry of Housing & Works Islamabad

As per Rules of Business, 1973, the Ministry of Housing and Works is responsible to carry out the following functions:- 1. Acquisition of Federal Government buildings, except those under the Defence Division. 2. Provision of Government-owned office accommodation and residential accommodation, policy for acquisition, requisitioning, and hiring of office and residential accommodation for officers and staff of the Federal Government. 3. Fixation and recovery of rent of Government-owned, hired, and requisitioned buildings. 4. Management of Federal lodges. 5. Land and buildings belonging to the Federation wherever situated and revenues derived therefrom. 6. Administration of the Federal Government Lands and Buildings (Recovery of Possession) Ordinance, 1965 (LIV of 1965). 7. Matters relating to the Federal Government lands licenses to various cooperative housing societies in Karachi, except those under the Defence Division. 8. Transfer of property, other than agricultural land, registration of deeds, and documents. 9. Administrative control of the National Housing Authority. 10. National Housing Policy. 11. Development of sites, construction, furnishing, and maintenance of Federal Government buildings, except those under the Defence Division. 12. Coordination of civil works budget and Execution of Federal Government works. 13. Officers belonging to the Engineering Group. 14. Matters relating to the National Construction (Domestic) Limited. 15. Physical planning and human settlements including urban water supply, sewerage, and drainage.